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Zoe Qiu is a webcomic artist and mother of two, storyteller and over-thinker. Initially, she chronicled her immigrant experiences in Canada, with Zozo in Quebec as a standout piece from this period. However, after becoming a parent, she realized the importance of cultural inheritance. With this newfound insight, she began creating small stories about her home culture and the local culture, alongside the challenges and joys of parenting. Her latest series, The Moon and Six Diapers, reflects this thematic shift and showcases Zoe's ability to blend humour, heart, and cultural depth into her work. Zoe's comics aim to resonate with diverse audiences, especially immigrants and parents, spreading positivity and inspiration. She hopes each creation connects with readers on a deeper level, leaving them uplifted and empowered.


The Moon and Six Diapers, 2024
Zozo in Quebéc, 2022

MCAF 2024


Sunday, May 26, 2024

from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

All audience

Hub - C 20 - Section C

Available during all the festival duration at  B13

Guest at MCAF

2022, 2024