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FRANÇOIS BRISSON was drawing before he learned to walk. As a precocious youngster, he took part in the beginnings of the Quebecois comic strip with the magazine Cocktail and Titanic. His commitment and his passion for drawing in all its forms make François an artist in demand. Naturally, his talent for visualization led him from comics to the world of cartoons, which he quickly mastered. Author Karen Mazurkewich writes in "Cartoon Capers": "...François Brisson is a magician, a master of adaptation...from drawing to animation..." He is the director of international co-productions seen by millions: He is the director of international co-productions seen by millions of people: The Marsupilami, Arsène Lupin, Ripley's Believe it or not, Vortech, Inuk and many others, including Adventures in the Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which won a Gemini award for best animated series. He co-directed the feature film La guerre des Tuques 3D as well as the sequel La course des Tuques which were huge international successes. Comics, François' first love, is a demanding art form that gives a lot to its practitioners. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to bring to life these numerous universes of boxes with bubbles; the best of all worlds, one page at a time for the pleasure of the readers.


Le Temple des Dieux fous/The Temple of the Crazed Gods, chez Les Éditions Izhaba (2021)
avec Luc Chamberland

Guest at MCAF

2022, 2023