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Elisa Echeverría Parra



Adaptation, Author’s Graphic Novel, Fantastic, Historic


I’m a Visual Artist (Visual Arts, University of Concepción, 2013) and have a master’s degree in Digital Communication (University of Concepción, 2017).
Independently, I have focused my work on illustration and graphic narrative. I’m the author of the autobiographical comic Anomalía (2012) and co-author of the historical graphic novel Lota, 1960: La huelga larga del carbón (2015), both published by Libros de Nébula Ediciones. I’m also the creator of the webcomic The Count Dracula Enigma (2018-), an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel Drácula (1897) to graphic, digital and transmedia narrative.
In addition to the themes associated to my previous publications, I’m interested in fantasy and science fiction. In 2020, I joined Ansiosxs, Nuevas Lecturas, an NGO dedicated to disseminate, promote and experiment with new ways of storytelling.


Anomalía (2012), Libros de Nébula Ediciones
Lota 1960: La huelga larga del carbón (2015), Libros de Nébula Ediciones & LOM
The Count Dracula Enigma (2018-), Webcomic.

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