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Jean-Bernard Trudeau



Author’s Graphic Novel, Historic, Humour, Sociopolitical

Teen, Adult

Jean-Bernard Trudeau is a director and former president of Impatients, an organization that helps people with mental health problems through artistic expression. He is the founder of the comic book workshops at Impatients, which are led by Siris. For several years, he has been promoting the comics produced in the workshops, in addition to having a privileged collaboration with Mario Malouin, winner of the very first Prix reconnaissance en bande dessinée de la Ville de Québec et de Québec BD en 2023! After the comic book Un moment d'impatience produced in 2014 with Mario Malouin, he is back as a doctor, vaccinator and creator of the comic book ENSEMBLE CONTRE LA COVID - Les héros de la vaccination. A playful and educational comic strip, masterfully illustrated by Mario, which takes readers to the heart of 30 professions authorized to vaccinate during the pandemic. A discovery of the diversity and richness of these professionals who improve the lives of Quebecers every day, pandemic or not! For the duty of remembrance! Please note that all profits from the albums are donated to the organization Les Impatients to further their mission.


ENSEMBLE CONTRE LA COVID - Les héros de la vaccination, chez les Éditions les Impatients (2022)
avec Mario Malouin

Guest at MCAF

2020, 2023