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I am non-binary cartoonist, author and visual artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who now lives in Ottawa. My first graphic novel, Kettle Harbour, will be published by Conundrum Press on May 9, 2023. The novel follows a young woman as she reunites with her beloved cousin and his husband in the small town where they spent their formative summers, unearthing pieces of the past and upending their lives. I am also the co-author of a new comic project, A Rift in the Valley, with GHY Cheung, about what happens when a sinkhole opens up in a small university town in Ontario. While causing minimal physical damage, the sinkhole has an unexpected psychic weight that precipitates strange occurrences in the lives of its residents, including main characters Oliver Leung, a young queer Brueghel scholar, and his overworked therapist, new parent Ursula MacNeil. At MCAF, I would like to promote the full length novel Kettle Harbour and feature prints and original art from the book, as well as showcase self published comics previewing the upcoming A Rift in the Valley.


Kettle Harbour, published by Conundrum Press (2023)

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