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Sourya Sihachakr

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Fantastic, Manga

Teen, Adult

Sourya was born in France, but grew up in Laos, his country of origin, until he was 15. He has always been passionate about drawing and was strongly influenced by manga during his teenage years with works such as Dragon Ball, Maison Ikkoku, and Princess Mononoke. When he came back to France, he studied animation at LISAA (Paris) and EMCA (Angoulême), where he developed his graphic design and his sense of storytelling. Sourya enters the world of comics by working as an illustrator for several albums at Ankama Edition (Rouge, Shiganai, Samsara...). In 2018, he made his first manga as an author: Talli, Fille de la Lune.

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Talli, Fille de la lune, chez Ankama Editions (2018)
puis publié en anglais avec le titre Talli, Daughter of the Moon, par Oni Press (2022)

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