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Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel, Essay, Humour

Teen, Adult

Martin Panchaud was born in 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland, and lives in Zurich. Author and illustrator, he produced several comics, large format graphic stories and numerous infographics, in a unique visual style. His very strong dyslexia was a hindrance to his schooling and prevented him from pursuing higher education. He nevertheless trained in comics at the EPAC, in Saxon, then obtained a Federal Certificate of Capacity as a graphic designer in Geneva. His dyslexia made him place reading, as well as the interpretation of shapes and their meanings, at the center of his research, and prompted him to choose a very particular style to express his creativity and tell stories. Thanks to his work, he has received several awards and has completed numerous artistic residencies in order to develop his creative projects. Exhibited in various cultural establishments in Europe, such as the Barbican Center in London and the Center cultural Onassis Stegi of Athens, he particularly distinguished himself with his impressive work entitled SWANH.NET, a 123-meter long drawn adaptation of Star Wars Episode IV, posted online in 2016. La Couleur des choses, his first graphic novel, was originally published in German by Edition Moderne in 2020 and was finally published in French by éditions çà et là in 2022.

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La Couleur des choses, chez les Éditions çà et là (2022)

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