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Erik Teren Mullins

Writer / Illustrator / Leterer / Self Publisher / Creator


Fantastic, Humour, Manga, Sci-Fi

Teen, Adult

Hi! My name is Erik. I write, illustrate and self publish my own manga blithe! I've been doing it for about 8.5 years now, releasing a new chapter each year! Seems kinda long huh? Well I love putting in a TON of details and also making it 100% in colour! All this while working part time jobs here and there to help support my publishing. It's a hardcore passion of mine to be working on this project and I can't wait to finish it all in another 8 years or so. My story is already all finished being written, I just have to draw it! I've taught myself to be a very pretty dedicated and disciplined person.


blithe, webcomic (2015-)

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