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Aisha Franz is a comic book artist and illustrator based in Berlin. Her latest graphic novel Work-Life Balance won the Max and Moritz Prize for best German-language comic in 2022 and was nominated for the FIBD Angoulême award. Her book Shit Is Real was also nominated for the L.A. Times Book Award in 2019. Aside from creating illustrations and comic books for newspapers and magazines, Aisha is also actively involved in running the residency project CLUBHOUSE alongside the Berlin-based riso print studio, Colorama. Her fictional memoir Where Is Aisha and several other mini comics and zines have been published with Colorama.

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Work-Life Balance, published by Drawn and Quarterly (coming soon in april 2023)

Shit Is Real, published by Drawn and Quarterly (2018)

Earthling, published by Drawn and Quarterly (2014)

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