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Étienne Prud'homme
Photo credits: Frédéric Arthur Chabot



Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel


Étienne Prud'homme was born in Montreal in 1987. After studying art and cinema, and flirting with history and literature, he devoted himself to drawing in Indian ink, watercolour and painting on canvas. A self-taught artist, Étienne is interested in apocalyptic atmospheres and unusual dream constructions. His work has been exhibited in Montreal by DARE-DARE and published in the magazines Planches, Liberté, Perceptions and Relations. In 2020, Editions Omri published his poetry collection Bienvenue les profondeurs, followed in 2022 by En bas de la côte, a book mixing poetry and documentary, in which he participated. Bagne bagne bagne is his first comic strip.


Bagne bagne bagne – Mécanique générale, 2021

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