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Ludovic Piétu



Author’s Graphic Novel, Humour

Teen, Adult

When he was a kid, Ludovic Piétu wanted to be an illustrator or a veterinarian. Born in a small village in Loir-et-Cher in 1978, he “went up to Paris” after his baccalaureate for his studies. He eventually obtained an agricultural engineering diploma, and still did not know how to draw. In 2021, thanks to Jika's talent, he lives his childhood dream vicariously and releases his first graphic novel: Pédale!. Then Dehors!, the sequel. You can meet him, cycling with his husband Olivier on the bike paths of Montreal, where they have taken up residence.


Dehors ! – éditions Rouquemoute, 2023 (avec Jika)
Pédale ! – éditions Rouquemoute, 2021 (avec Jika)

MCAF 2024

Present at 

éditions Rouquemoute   D28

Guest at MCAF

2022, 2023, 2024