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Tony Valente
Photo credits: Luc Vidal

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Youth, Teen

Tony Valente started in comics at Delcourt with the fantasy series Les 4 Princes de Ganahan, for which he drew and colored on a scenario by Raphaël Drommelschlager. Once this first series is finished, he starts a new project on his own, Hana Attori, of which three volumes will be published. For this occasion, he returns to his first influences: manga and Japanese animation. Afterwards, Tony Valente drew a contemporary series scripted by Didier Tarquin and colored by Pop: S.P.E.E.D. Angels, published by Soleil. In parallel to this collaboration, personal projects resurface and the first volume of RADIANT, which he scripted and drew alone, was published by Ankama Editions in 2013. The success is such that the series is published in Japan without going through pre-publication and adapted into anime by NHK, Japan's first public channel, since October 2018! To date, 17 volumes of RADIANT have been published.


RADIANT, chez Ankama Éditions (2013-2022)

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