Free Comic Books in May


A Home-Grown Celebration

You may have heard of Free Comic Book Day, an annual celebration of comic arts that takes place the first Saturday of May. But did you know that for the last eight years Quebecois creators, publishers, and stores have teamed up to release special publications for Le Samedi de la B.D. Gratuite, a uniquely Quebecois take on the event?

With the goal of encouraging reading, Le Samedi de la B.D. Gratuite gives both long-time and novice comic book lovers the chance to discover Quebecois creators and works, not to mention a chance to visit independent bookstores and comic book shops throughout the region.

In 2018, over 35 bookstores throughout Quebec and beyond participated, and 4000 copies of La Boîte à B.D. – Le Comic Book were distributed for free to visitors.

This year, MCAF is working with Le Samedi de la B.D. Gratuite to offer you a celebration that’s sure to be even better!

To see a list of all the participating stores, visit the site of Le Samedi de la B.D. Gratuite.

2019 Publications

La Boîte à B.D. – Le Comic Book

A wide range of creators and publishers worked together to create
La Boîte à B.D. – Le Comic Book Volume 8, a 72-page softcover anthology of 100% French-language comics. Featuring a cover by Ghyslain Duguay (MacGuffin et Alan Smithee, Perro Éditeur), Volume 8 includes original short stories and excerpts from recent and upcoming releases. 

La Ligne Éditoriale

Peek behind the scenes of Quebecois publisher Éditions Pow Pow with their magazine La Ligne Éditoriale. Interviews, excerpts from upcoming releases, exclusive original comics, and even a letters page all await you in the third issue, which for the first time will be distributed for free as part of Le Samedi de la B.D. Gratuite this year. Featuring a cover by Samuel Cantin, author of Phobies des moments seulsVile and Miserable and Whitehorse.


This event wouldn’t be possible without the participation of our fabulous partners! We would like to thank:

DaveStudio, for helping out with graphics since the beginning.
La Boîte de Diffusion who have joined in by providing free distribution to their clientele.
L’Association des Libraires du Québec for helping to spread the word.
Les Éditions Pow Pow and Dimediafor releasing La Ligne éditoriale, distributed