2021 Christmas Baskets

If there’s one thing we all deserve this year, it’s a little treat! Maybe even more than one!

MCAF’s partners and friends have generously answered our call and thanks to them, we are once again offering you our long-awaited CHRISTMAS Baskets!!

** Most of the item are in French

Youth Basket

  • 5 books from Presses Aventure
  • 2 books from Front Froid
  • 20$ at Planète BD Bookstore

Adult Basket 1

  • 2 books from MCAF Press
  • 6 books from Pow Pow Press
  • 2 tickets for Lysis at the TNM
  • 40$ at Planète BD Bookstore
  • 2 comics from Moelle Graphique
  • 2 books from Mécanique Générale

Adult Basket 2

  • 2 comics from Nouvelle adresse
  • 2 tickets for the Cinéma Public
  • 3 retrospectives from Z Bookstore
  • 40$ at Planète BD Bookstore
  • 2 books from Moelle Graphique
  • Numéros 8 to 17 from Revue PLANCHES

Enter the Draw for Our 2021 Christmas Baskets

The draw is closed,

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Job Offer, Book Club and Comic Arts Reminders

Join the MCAF 2022 Team

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival team is growing and is looking for a programming and logistics manager.

Join us in the preparation and execution of the next festival. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of the comic book community in Quebec!

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A Successful First Conference For MCAF

Montreal, November 3rd 2021 – The Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal (CIRM) of McGill University can definitely say “mission accomplished” following the success of the very first conference in the Festival’s history, presented as part of the anniversary program “10 Years,

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23rd Bédélys Independent Submissions Now Open

The comic arts continue to grow and evolve, and new talented creators keep popping up all the time, so fast it can be hard to keep up!

If you have new self-published work, it’s time to submit it for consideration for the Bédélys Independent Awards, a pair of prizes for the best self-published comics created in Quebec,

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Comic Arts Invitations & programming committee

International Comic Arts Conference

We are happy to invite you to the Shaking the Foundations conference!

The conference is organized by the Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM) of McGill University. See you on October 28, 29 and 30 at BAnQ.

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News, Conference & Comic Arts Events

A New Book Comes Off the Press

After the release of our second annual collective, X, earlier this year, MCAF is proud to present the arrival of our newest offshoot:

Itai Doshin : Aller-retour Québec-Japon

A compendium following an exhibit presented in Montreal and Japan composed of works from Quebecer and Japanese comic artists,

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A Summer With Comic Books

On August 12, I Buy a Quebec Book

Here is the opportunity to get our Marvelous Creations and Fables if you haven’t already!

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A New Campaign Sponsored By MCAF

Thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts Montréal, MCAF is sponsoring crowdfunding projects in 2021.

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Bédélys Awards, residency in the sun and MCAF 2022

The Bédélys Pay Tribute to a Giant of Québécois Comic Arts

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, the Bédélys Awards have added a new prize, the Bédélys Tribute Award.

This prize pays homage to an individual whose work has made a major impact on the recognition and promotion of the Québécois comic arts.

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