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A. T. Pratt



Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel, Essay, Fantastic, Humour


A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist, professor and publisher born and raised in New York City. He makes self-published comics, zines and paper crafts of all shapes and sizes, often including handmade special features like pop-ups and fold-outs. The work ranges in genre from autobio, abstract, and horror to self help & personal fitness, "funny animals" and more. He has been self-publishing since his sophomore year of college at Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 and has exhibited at around a dozen events a year all around America ever since.. He started teaching comics classes for kids after school in 2018, then college comics and self publishing courses at Montclair State University in 2019 and School of Visual Arts in 2022.


Negative Space: Spiky Spooky Slippery Slimy Scare Sampler, self-publishing

Healthy Body?! Healthy Brain!!, self-publishing

Ink Toby, self-publishing

Little Brothers #666: Andy Goes to Hell, self-publishing

Guest at MCAF