About Strangefruit


Co-Animatrice / Podcasteuse


Author’s Graphic Novel, Sociopolitical, Sci-Fi

Teen, Adult

Co-host of the New Gifted School podcast, Strangefruit is versatile. Afrofeminist, project manager, photographer, model, and podcaster in her spare time, Strangefruit has loved comics and superheroes since she was a little girl with her co-hosts, AlfredsonJr_ and The Voice. Captain Marvel, Legion, and Catwoman are her favorite superheroes. She describes herself as a "comic book and superhero enthusiast". Launched in 2018, The New Gifted School is a podcast hosted by co-hosts AlfredsonJr (Andy), Strangefruit (Tarah), and The Voice (Patrick). Fanatics from a young age and inspired by their geeky debates outside the movie theater doors, these 3 millennial friends discuss all things comics and superheroes in popular culture. Each episode, whether it's about the latest comic book, movie or episode of Marvel or DC, are filled with dynamism, humor, while offering a critical eye. Since the podcast's inception, the co-hosts have been committed to providing a platform and visibility for local Black and racialized artists. Thus, this podcast features a multitude of interviews with cosplayers, authors, illustrators and comic book store owners from Montreal, but also the rest of Canada. Each year, as part of Black History Month, they showcase authors, illustrators, and comics created by Afrodescendants. Over the years, The New School for the Gifted has also been called upon to address the issue of diversity and representation in comics and in the popular culture of superheroes for media outlets including CBC News and Global News. In 2022, The New School for the Gifted was invited to host their first ever panel at Montreal ComicCon.

Guest at MCAF