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Jay Odjick

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Jay Odjick is a writer, artist and television producer from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Algonquin Nation in Quebec. After writing and drawing his creator owned graphic novel KAGAGI: The Raven, Jay co-founded a production company that produced a television series called Kagagi based on the graphic novel. Jay is an executive producer on the show and also serves as its character designer and lead writer. You can find Kagagi on Crave. The show now airs internationally, in the US and Australia. Kagagi airs in three language versions, in English, Algonquin and a mixture of the two, with subtitles. Jay’s work has been featured at a range of events and locations from Canada’s National Library and Archives to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, at Canada’s Museum of History and he has travelled across Canada for speaking engagements. Jay has spoken before the House of Commons standing Committee on Health, served as a juror for the Scholastic National Writing Awards, he has worked as a freelancer for the Ottawa Citizen and is a former teacher of writing at the University of Ottawa. Most recently, Jay provided the artwork for the Robert Munsch books Blackflies and Bear For Breakfast, both national bestsellers. Bear For Breakfast was also published in Algonquin. Language revitalization is an issue near and dear to Jay’s heart; although he is not a fluent speaker of the Algonquin language, he funded the language versionings of Kagagi to try to share the language and has created the Algonquin Word of The Day initiative on Twitter, which has made national news.


Blackflies/Vilains maringouins, published by Scholastic Canada (2017)

Bear for Breakfast, published by Scholastic Canada (2019)

Kagagi: The Raven, published by Arcana Studio (2011)

Guest at MCAF