About Xavier Crespo



Humour, Sci-Fi

Teen, Adult

Xavier CRESPO had in mind the story of his comic book "Cohabitation" for many years. He even remembers drawing the first lines of his characters when he was in high school. Despite a real artistic inclination and the creation of more and more of his comic book, Xavier put aside this project and worked for many years in the video game industry where passion and creativity are essential keys. In 2020, he chooses to devote himself entirely to his career as a professional artist and partners with MX Éditions. On March 20, 2021, they launch together " Cohabitation - Tome 1 : Invasion " and " Genèse d'une Invasion " on the crowdfunding website And the reception is excellent since the sales target planned for one month has indeed been reached in less than 48 hours. To date, several hundred readers in 7 countries have been seduced.


Cohabitation - Tome 1 : Invasion

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