About Amélie Jean-Louis

Amélie Jean-Louis

Co-propriétaire et libraire spécialisée manga


In love with manga since she was a child, Amélie took over the management of O-TAKU MANGA LOUNGE in 2015. With her studies and experience in luxury hotels in several European countries and her experience in Quebec as a recruitment director for a small event management company, Amélie quickly transformed this small café on St-Denis Street into a real cult place for manga lovers in Quebec. After 5 years alone at the helm of the company, she founded Les Librairies O-TAKU with three other associates in 2020 to take the brand further. A veritable living encyclopedia, she is considered one of the greatest manga experts in Quebec. She reads all the new titles that come out (over 500 titles per year)!

Guest at MCAF

2018, 2019