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Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel, Fantastic

Teen, Adult

Having made his first steps in the Psikopat magazine at the beginning of the 90s, El diablo is an ex-suburban youth who is as comfortable in comics as in movies or TV series. Preferring the content to the form, he doesn't forbid himself any artistic expression. We owe him among others Lascars and Les Kassos of which he is co-author. Coming from the Hip-Hop culture, he has always been inspired by his urban experience in his various artistic collaborations, especially in the comic series Monkey Bizness (with Pozla), Un homme de goût (with Cha), or Rua Viva (with Julien Loïs). Although he is a painter and drawer, he prefers to lend his inspiration to others, and has specialized over the years in the scenario. The common thread of his work remains a vision of the world tinged with humanism and collapsology, transcribed through stories that he wants above all entertaining, but also ready to question the realities of our time. El diablo lives in Montreal since 2015, where he waits for the great collapse while drinking maple syrup IPA.


Space Connexion, chez Glénat Québec (2022)

MCAF 2023


Animation : Combat de personnages

Sunday, May 28, 2023

from 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

All audience

Sketch - E 38

Exhibitors' stand

Glénat Québec  Kiosque B12

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