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Grégoire Bouchard was born in Montreal in 1965. In addition to obtaining a degree in visual arts in 1986, he studied graphic arts in Orleans, France. He has collaborated with various magazines, including Iceberg, where in 1993 he created Bob Leclerc, his character of a retired war pilot. Grégoire Bouchard is fascinated by the world of the 1950s and the imagery that stems from it, which he uses to create his disturbing science fiction stories, which are rooted in a scathing second degree: "Science fiction, in an unconscious way in my case, speaks of the era in which it was conceived, more than of the future. About him, Jean-Paul Eid says that "he is to the Quebec comic strip what David Lynch is to cinema. He is an author in a class of his own, who reinvents science fiction in comics here. He inscribes the territory, he makes it a fertile ground for the criticism of the values of America, of this patriotism that blinds us. His universe is rich, dense, worked.


Les rescapés de l'éternité, chez Moelle Graphik (2022)

Les aventures de Bob Leclerc, chez Mosquito (2017)

Guest at MCAF

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