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Quebec City-based illustrator Estelle Bachelard, aka Bach, began her career in the video game industry. Gifted with a sense of humor, a great sense of observation and a good dose of self-mockery, she quickly made a name for herself on the Internet, where she regularly posts comics inspired by her daily life. In 2014, she launched the first volume of C'est pas facile d'être une fille. Today, in addition to her solo projects, she collaborates with many youth authors and is very active in the comics community by making, among other things, live drawing in events. So much for the likes, her most recent album was published by Nouvelle adresse in spring 2023.


Tant pis pour les likes, chez Nouvelle adresse (2023)

C'est pas facile d'être une fille, chez Mécanique Générale (2014-2015)

Guest at MCAF

2014, 2015, 2016, 2023