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After completing extensive film studies, François Donatien returned to his first passion: comics. He nurtured a blog for a few years. In 2014, he completed Minimax, an album that was first self-published, then relaunched at Nouvelle adresse, and won an award at the Bédélys gala. He is now working on his third album. He likes stories that tell small stories, usually set in the Montreal neighborhood he has always lived in. When he's not drawing comics, he's sketching the protagonists of the 45 book projects that live in his head. Les inconvénients de la félicité, his second book, was published by Nouvelle adresse in spring 2023.


Les inconvénients de la félicité, chez Nouvelle adresse (2023)

Minimax, auto-édition puis publié chez Nouvelle adresse (2020)

Guest at MCAF

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