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Richard Suicide



Author’s Graphic Novel, Humour

Youth, Adult

Richard Suicide (Richard Beaulieu), born in 1961, is a comic book artist, illustrator and painter. He is known to underground comics fans for the publication of several fanzines and mini-comixes since the 90s as well as a multitude of publications in magazines and compilations (compil 2000, Mactintac, Le Cyclope, etc.). (Sometimes known as William Parano, and also as Richard Écrapou (for youth publications), he is part of the Montreal Comix Scene (one of the important movements of the Quebec comic strip in the 1990s).


Chronique du Centre-Sud, chez Pow Pow (2021)

Méchant Far-West, chez Monsieur Ed (2016-2022), sous le nom de Richard Écrapou

Guest at MCAF

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