Bédélys Awards


Bédélys International Award

Best comic book published in French outside of Québec.

2019 Winner : Sabrina, Nick Drnaso

The Finalists Were :

  • Dans un rayon de soleil, Tillie Walden
  • Le dieu vagabond, Fabrizio Dori
  • Enferme-moi si tu peux, Pandolfo & Risbjerg 
  • Les entrailles de New York, Julia Wertz
  • In waves, AJ Dungo 
  • Nagasaki, Agnès Hostache    
  • Penss et les plis du monde, Jérémie Moreau
  • Préférence système, Ugo Bienvenu   
  • Sabrina, Nick Drnaso
  • Saison des roses, Chloé Wary

Bédélys Youth Award

Best French-language comic book published in Quebec for an audience of 7 to 12 years of age. The award is determined by a vote of several juries, each composed of a librarian and group of young readers from participating libraries of Montreal. These youth-led juries have managed the award since the year 2000.

2019 Winner : Un été d’enfer, Vera Brosgol

The Finalists Were :

  • Hercule, agent intergalactique, Dalena et Zabus
  • Un été d’enfer, Vera Brosgol
  • Légendes Zurbaines, Nick Bruno, Paul Downs, Michael Yates
  • Animal Jack, Kid Toussaint et Miss Prickly 
  • 109, rue des Soupirs, Yomgui et Mr Tan

Bédélys Independent Award

A pair of awards for the best self-published comics created in Quebec, with separate awards for comics published in French (Indépendent) AND English (Independent). Each award is accompanied by a grant of $1000 and they will share an exhibitor table at next MCAF, furnished by the Montreal Comic Arts Festival.

2019 French-Language Winner : Apo, Catherin

The Finalists Were :

  • Respire, Rabot
  • L’interprétation des bois, Rod Legrand
  • Boumeries (volume 9), Boum
  • Apo, Catherin
  • L’armée du Soleil (tome 1), Anouk

2019 English-Language Winner : Stone Fruit, Lee Lai

The Finalists Were :

  • ARC Twenty-Nine, Marc Michaud
  • Paint the Town Red, Kiakas et Mukanik
  • Stone Fruit, Lee Lai
  • Everything is Super, Captain Rottsteak

Bédélys Québec Award

Best French-language comic book created and published in Quebec. The award is accompanied by a grant of $1000, furnished by the Friends of the Library of Montreal, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1993, with the goal of promoting reading activities and making books more widely accessible.

2019 Winner : Les petits garçons, Sophie Bédard

The Finalists Were :

  • Les petits garçons, Sophie Bédard 
  • Le Mouchequetaire, Antonin Buisson
  • Projet Shiatsung, Brigitte Archambault
  • Comment les paradis fiscaux ont ruiné mon petit-déjeuner, François Samson-Dunlop
  • Wendy, Walter Scott

Special mention from the Jury for Le Projet Shiastung, Brigitte Archambault.